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I Am an Addict


By David Rusk




Welcome to the all-new Bikelife Magazine! Wayne and our web team have been burning the midnight oil redesigning things and hiring new contributors. We are all riders here at the magazine and just like you, we all have different perspectives on our two wheeled passion…..

I am an addict


Engineered Success

A very busy road racer Matthew Rees found time to answer a few of my questions recently and I have added his words to a substantially altered article, so read on and find out about a tribe of young students and a pro racer who impressed the world at the most influential road race in the world.

The Senior TT was moved to the morning and the Isle of Man paddock now lingered in that weird post race energy, with muted voices and the clink of tools replacing revving engines. The final race was over and their world was now fueled by humanity instead of the machines. I had returned to the heartbeat of the event hoping to discover some kind of finality, an ending point to our chaotic three days on the Island….

Engineered Success

Cycle of Addiction


By David Rusk



I feel their eyes upon me.

My chair squeals embarrassingly loud as Istand, awkward.
My name is David and I’m new here. I am an addict.

Traditional to such meetings, as a group. Hello David, welcome…..

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International People Supershow

By David Rusk


I had been to the Toronto International Motorcycle Supershow many times but as my wife and I stood in a mostly empty Hall 5 at the International Center, I felt special this time. Thanks to another publication, we were on the other side of the ropes and watching the vender booths go up and the mega expensive custom machines being rode and pushed in through the loading door my heart skipped a beat. I squeezed Lisa’s hand “Lets go get my bike.”
The next morning the doors opened and they came into the wonderland that held their dreams….

Int’l People Supershow



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