I am an addict

By David Rusk


Welcome to the all-new Bikelife Magazine! Wayne and our web team have been burning the midnight oil redesigning things and hiring new contributors. We are all riders here at the magazine and just like you, we all have different perspectives on our two wheeled passion.

We are writers and photographers that are full of imaginings, words and hard facts jumbled together and something else too…perhaps the strongest, passion. The need to express what we have inside, that base drive to bond with other like-minded people. We ride and we live. You and I, we are Bikelife.

I will let you get to know me through my words but here is a little bit for now. I’m fifty-two now and not liking that very much at all but I still bend enough to fit on my RC51, so that’s good and I dread the day that I don’t fit. I’ve been on Honda’s homologation Ducati rival since 2001 and I love it! Besides, the engine characteristics keep me out of trouble, well serious trouble at least. If I rode a 600 or either of the 500 two stroke replica racers I owned back in the day, I would find myself in “race mode”. Very not good because race mode belongs on a racetrack.

I’ll take my speed in sneaky mode please, with a wide swath of torque instead of squeezing horsepower out at 15000 revs. Perhaps I’m getting old. My fast comes in precisely measured doses on the street and hidden away from the public’s eye, as best possible. I definitely can get up to no good and you can label me a true hooligan but one in disguise, an undercover member of Bikelife, if you will. True speed, the angry kind, I save for the racetrack.

This year’s Toronto International Supershow found me in a booth with that coveted show pass dangling around my neck. Apparently, I’m a motorcycle journalist and I even had my bike on display as I stood there trying to act like I knew why I was there. Strange.

I heard of a possible opportunity more in line with who I am, so my wife and I stepped out of our safe eddy and into the river of pent up wintertime angst that masqueraded as motorcycle enthusiast’s and were swept away. Impossible to even pause and sneak a look at the new and custom machines that promised mayhem and demerit points until almost by chance, we side stepped into the BikeLife display.

I spotted a very large and a very enthusiastic and a very… “Wholly shit, that dude is coming over to me”.. commanding man, decked out head to toe in black Bikelife apparel. I had just met Wayne Thomas and dam; did I like what he had to say and who he is. Amped about his vision for Bikelife to grow far beyond an apparel company and become North America’s hub for all things motorcycle. A man brimming with passion and a clear map forward, perhaps to a worldwide phenom. We talked and shook on the promise of him receiving a sample of my writing and that leaves us all right here.

I will be contributing an editorial every month alongside straight up reporting on industry news and products. Bikelife has secured for myself and my wife/assistant an official press/photographer access pass to the Isle of Mann TT, so watch for my behind the curtain story from the middle of the Irish Sea. Excited about that! Wayne and I are also spit balling some other shenanigans for this summer too, so stay tuned!

Step into my mind now, where words and pictures jumble together in a tornado of thoughts and struggle for a coherent way out. Learn about me and as we go along, I will learn about you. Here’s a gimme. There is too much in here and my mouth can’t keep up, so now I write. It seems to work.


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By David Rusk on1wheel.dr@gmail.com Welcome to the all-new Bikelife Magazine! Wayne and our web team have been burning the midnight oil redesigning things and hiring new contributors. We are all riders here at the magazine and just like you,...

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