Fines for distracted driving are now set on a rising scale from $1000 up to $3000 maximum depending on how many times a driver was caught in violation of the law. First, second, and third offence all carry increasing fines as well as a possible hit for 6 demerit points for multiple offences.

The punishment continues further with a rising scale for licenses suspensions. First offense is a three day suspension, second offence brings a seven day suspension and third offense slaps you without driving privileges for 30 days.

If that isn’t enough to deter you from driving distracted, keep in mind you will have to make an appearance in court for the final ruling on your case. Although you will not lose your license roadside, there is still the overall hassle you will be subject to by spending your precious time in court. Ask yourself the next time you are behind the wheel and your phone rings; “If I get pulled over for distracted driving today, will my immediate action bring me more pleasure than my future consequences (pain)?”

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