Burrbilly Girls Sisterhood Ride 2018

Bike Life Magazine was on location in Wasaga Beach Ontario, CA to cover the Burrbilly Girls Sisterhood Ride 2018
Here is our media coverage.

On a bright and early Saturday morning, I found myself being dragged to an event hours away. The Burrbilly Girls Sisterhood ride is all I knew. I had no idea what to expect, apart from it being an all female ride.

As I drove into the sleeping town of Wasaga, I immediately noticed the infinite number of motorcycles that covered the Wasaga beach strip. Without a doubt, the whole town including myself knew the women were intown, residing nearby at the many hotels for the duration of the weekend.

When I arrived at the main hotel, sold out to accommodate the girls, we quickly found Jackie, one of the event organizers. Without a doubt I can say these ladies are on point. Watching everything happen as if it were a well oiled machine, there was no time to skip blink as bikes rolled in from all directions and lined up in formation with blockers and sweepers (all female might I say) ready to assist. As the ladies rolled out of bed, moving their bikes into position some in flip flops, some still in their pajamas. It was a sight to see.

Without any hesitation I got to work, snapping photos and asking questions. I had to know what it was that brought these Women together.

The first year saw about 89 riders with the second year drawing 168 women. This year, with over 200 rooms booked in nearby hotels, the total number of riders was yet to be confirmed.

The first year the ladies sold bandanas and raised roughly $500 in honor of Olivia’s Rainbow – a charity against children’s Cancer.

The second year drew three times the amount in fundraising, achieving a new goal, $1500 received by the YMCA summer camp in memory of Josh Gardener, who sadly had passed from cancer.

After a night filled with flowing drinks, echoes of laughter and good old fashioned sisterhood bonding, these ladies woke up ready to ride bright and early.

After spending even a moment at this memeroble event, it’s clear that the women at this event are all here for one reason; Celebrating life together. The bond these women bring is truly genuine. From new rider to the seasoned veteran, the sharing of laughter was like music to my ears. The roar of the engines was more than distinctive as the little town of Wasaga was in for this special treat.

With a focused look on her face, you could see she meant business as she polished away, Jackie-From Ottawa – while working in Guelph heard about the ride through friends and couldn’t resist attending. Riding since ’91, as she polished her bike for the ride, Jackie explained, how she had owned her recent motorcycle since 2014. Sporting a street glide,specially named ruby clearly for the runny red paint job, I saw the pride she carried for her bike.

(As we chatted for a few minutes she went on to tell me how she had been enjoying the weekend and was very glad to be there.)

This is an event all female riders should attend at least once. The experience is surreal. However I must warn you, this event might just become one of those addictive events, you know? The ones you just attend year after year.

The women keep the event refreshing changing locations every year, engaging their attendees in new ways all the while ensuring the main focus is not deterred from.

From a distance I couldn’t help but notice a beaming bright smile, shining brighter then the early morning sun. It was Rhonda. Rhonda rode in on Vstar from Toronto. She originally started off on a 750 shadow she only rode for 6 weeks. The 750 bored her rather quickly and decided to move up to the V. Star 1100 Classic. When I spoke to Rhonda I couldn’t help but notice how energetic she was. I had to ask her why she rode and the answer was simple. It’s a social thing. As she laughed, she kindly shared her story about being introduced to riding by a partner who she shortly after, kicked to the curb. However, the passion for riding was already flowing through her veins. Her reasons for riding multiplied as she rode over the years. She loves the fact that it doesn’t matter who you are or where your from. Seeing all the things you can see without the costly expense of gas in a car. She loves the fact that women who ride leave the drama behind. “There is no time for that”. There is no questioning Rhonda’s love for riding.

We had the pleasure of meeting many amazing women over the weekend, all gathered in the little town of Wasaga, sharing numerous passions, specifically, their love for riding.
I know there are many aspects of this weekend I was not able to see, however I am grateful to have them share a few hours of their event with me.The weekend was for them. A time to get away from the daily routines of life.

Hours later, as the rider ended, I returned to the hotel to see that they had all returned safely. Some at the hotel pool and some enjoying a cold one with the girls. As I bade them farewell, I couldn’t help but think “Wow. Inspiration is everywhere”.


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Burrbilly Girls Sisterhood Ride 2018

Bike Life Magazine was on location in Wasaga Beach Ontario, CA to cover the Burrbilly Girls Sisterhood Ride 2018 Here is our media coverage. On a bright and early Saturday morning, I found myself being dragged to an event...

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